NYTimes (En)

  1. Reports from manufacturing, banking and other sectors showed the worsening impact of the epidemic, which has brought much of China’s economy to a standstill.
  2. After a five-month dispute over the vote, President Ashraf Ghani won a second term. But a parallel declaration by a main rival threatens a crisis ahead of a U.S.-Taliban peace deal.
  3. At a small pharmacy in Hong Kong, part of the job has become calming nervous customers desperate for supplies.
  4. The case, in which participants in a 2013 demonstration were accused of seeking to overthrow the government by force, was seen as a test of opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
  5. This time when U.S. soldiers are killed by an Afghan, Trump does not call off talks with the Taliban. Is ending the war the only way to end these killings?