NYTimes (En)

  1. Tasked with guarding a Shiite shrine, a police unit offers a telling snapshot of the Taliban’s rank-and-file fighters and the challenges Afghanistan’s rulers face in governing a diverse nation.
  2. “I think it has to be quiet military preparation and quiet diplomacy,” said President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine. President Emmanuel Macron of France spoke with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to try to ease tensions.
  3. A large proportion of working-age people, once seen as a demographic advantage, could turn into a burden if many of them are undereducated and underemployed.
  4. Lausanne has kept a night watch atop its cathedral since 1405, but it never appointed a woman to the role until Cassandre Berdoz, after a long fight, landed a job that was her “childhood dream.”
  5. South Korea banned the spreading of leaflets across the border last year. Park Sang-hak, an outspoken activist who defied the ban, was indicted this week.